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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 11, 2018 9:30pm-10:00pm CET

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i think. if i thought of programming good there it would be so you can you tell us that our innovations magazine for any. of us from the every week and always looking to the future on d w dot com science and research for any show. area is the poorest and most corrupt country in the european union and these are the faces of its political elite we've got a former bodyguard we've got a low tech high tech e.u. commissioner and we've got a man that some people call putin's bulgarian poodle are they the ones to show the world a better bulgaria well they're getting their chance right now i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day.
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since i had a pool of you our european guests. eleven years ago in two thousand and seven i have joined to putin i mean the deal police peace in you can kill place in view we must take all that many challenges ahead of us and make euro for the future stop being the ability security prosperity. it's for us and to us to say thank you. if not you can rise to this difficult task to achieve. the bargain voice to be heard locally and prominently in you tonight and in the next six months and beyond.
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also coming up tonight britain and brags it calls to rethink the exit just got louder as breaks its ears but their hopes and i bask. jan from scotland by the way that could of course be stopped with you in terms of how much you appreciate is that what we've got from why fantastic english cheeses that that which i'm sure will appreciate because we've got a huge market in cheese and what we're trying to do hey we show that once we leave the european union you'll have some great products european style never before has an e.u. country which is being monitored for corruption and unlawful policies by the e.u. been asked to run part of the e.u. well that is until tonight european union leaders met tonight in the bulgarian capital sofia as the country takes over the helm of the e.u.'s rotating presidency it's the first time bulgaria has held the post since joining the e.u. back in two thousand and seven the balkan nation in south eastern europe is hoping
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to use the chance to improve its image garia is the e.u.'s poorest member state and it is rape by transparency international as having the worst corruption in the e.u. so who would want to stay there were despite slow but steady economic growth many of vogue areas young people there packing their bags to find a better future outside ball game. the nine hundred centuries garion writer constantine off appears to gaze with confidence into the future but the mood in sofia could hardly be more different. crime corruption and financial mismanagement make regular headlines in the european union's poorest country. that's the reason many younger bulgarians have left to seek a better life elsewhere. one of them is nikolai nichol of a medical student who is finishing his training this year. he wants to pursue his
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career as a specialist in radiology but not in bulgaria in germany. i want to work in my field in germany because of the access to modern medical equipment conditions for further training are much better than to. others his age have similar intentions low wages and pervasive corruption are the two main problems driving young gary into way. this new direction bribery that's the usual situation here we hope these problems will be eradicated that's the only way bulgaria can move forward. victoria wants to get away as soon as she finishes high school her parents both scientists have advised her to continue her studies in another country possibly germany where she might go into microbiology. this draw the ball here in government doesn't provide
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any funding for research and development i want to follow a part similar to my father's so i've decided to leave the country. and that's why victoria has been studying german for more than a year at the good to institute in sofia. about twenty three thousand left their country and twenty sixteen but a new trend suggests others who've already spent time abroad are returning home with higher qualifications some eleven thousand did just that in the same time period one of them is christian after finishing his business studies in dusseldorf he founded a tour company in sofia that took off when he started taking visitors around in an old tub bundt or trabi the car once manufactured in communist east germany. with the tools to show people what life was like in the old days. i. chose the trouble because it's the car that sort of symbolizes communism.
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idea found an audience. today he own six months and has a staff that serves about twenty five thousand customers per year. meter of sees his future right here he wants to invest in bulgaria. there are many more opportunities to start a business and than in germany. there are plenty of ideas that would work just as well as they do in germany and other western countries even in employment. one example is gorm a cookie from a sofia rooftop this big kitchen has a staff of fifty plus fifty more working in the adjacent restaurants that serve one thousand customers per day this new enterprise at the top floor of a high rise building has an impressive view of the city and it's all run by twenty
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four year old gonna monologue who earned her master's degree in business in vienna and london. half a year ago she took over the management here that's a rarity in the male dominated food service sector and bilge. area. they came back immediately on their universities because there was a great business opportunity that they thought couldn't wait and so the country has seen them in you are too nitty is the need to begin to like. the opportunity to say i have been proud. even though she's been successful in this venture and got him on a nova has other plans at some point she says she'll leave don't care you tina her reason too much diggnation here like so many others her age she has her sights on the rest of europe. well i'm joined now by daniel kohn and he is director of the
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frederick nauman foundation for freedom in sofia and it's good to have you on the program this evening daniel i understand you were not at that ceremony big you know to mark the beginning of the six months presidency for bulgaria you were at a protest event what was going on they are. actually there have a lot of protests going on in the last couple of days on the one hand that the government decided to build to allow building in and that you're a national park on the other hand we have seen very but i call it twenty times threshold. that is allowed you in the european union was a reach but in the end of the day it's about corruption the fight against corruption formal rule of law and so the protests those took the opportunity to take it to the streets and i thought the pull that. well what's your opinion about this six month presidency i mean we've got
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a country that is being monitored by the e.u. for corruption i'm all for governance and yet they are heading the e.u. presidency now i mean that has never happened before b. does this insanity mind the e.u. or is this a stroke of genius by helping bulgaria well it's a bit of both off at the same time we have to say it's their turn more or less with rex it's that term current era six months early so it's just their turn out but indeed we have a big problem but my book area since two thousand and seven the one that's on the european union has been monitored by the european commission and three key areas that is a rule of law fight against organized crime and the fight against corruption and unfortunately as has been said earlier on your program bulgaria's to come to europe with the highest level of corruption just in the recent days we have seen some killings of people who are allegedly connected to organized crime here so it will
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shed a lot of light on bulgaria that in the end of the day might be a good thing that the forums that have been postponed the last ten years before finally pushed through and obviously it is going to be more tension in the country because of this do you think at the end of the day he can a six month term running the presidency can it really make a difference though to these coup or problems in organized crime and corruption and there's growing you know xenophobia and euro skeptics in the country as well well i would agree with the with statement there's a growing euro skepticism country over sixty percent opel guerrier are still very much pro you all the e.u. institutions have higher rates of confidence than any book garrets. however indeed the time is very short but it's a crucial time because now for civil society it is the time to go on the streets and the bulgarian government always had
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a key interest and showing that it's that pro european country so it might actually be high time now that it will be pushed for a full however we have seen on the second of february that the president got if veto at the new anti-corruption law so without a big push from brussels at the same time without strong observation from the media like yourself there is not going to happen much if we have the attention there is that a certain seed of hope there is also the concern was europe then and. its political elite are somewhat more for russian influence in the e.u. how concerned are you about that i mean how big of a problem or a threat is that well you have to understand that over ninety percent close one hundred percent of the energy reserves of area that includes fossil fuels but also nuclear energy is directly tied to russia look at oil refineries here in bulgaria
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most of gas and gasoline comes from from russia so it has a tremendous leverage over the company at the same time as we have seen with south stream will get areas rather looking into what what the commission says what brussels says so i wouldn't be overly worried about the russian influence in the end of the day however that very much trying to get a hold of bulgaria ate my energy and be political influence for instance there are allegations that the right wing parties here bill gary are just as in central europe i have found that by russia there is having the russian propaganda like russia today like sputnik who is me who is news are directly transmitted via the bulgarian yes sure. daniel conic director of the frederick nauman foundation for freedom in sofia bulgaria joining us tonight we appreciate your time thank you for being on the day thank you very much.
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and from one extreme and extremity of europe to another from bulgaria to britain and we've got used to those brim owners calling for a new referendum on bragg's it but for many breaks and tears that would be nothing short of treason more now the man who many thought of as mr briggs it himself he has waded into the fray accusing prime minister theresa may of selling breaks it short you know who i'm talking about here's mr nigel for iraq. they will go on winning and whining and moaning all the way through this process so maybe just maybe i reached the point of thinking that we should have a second referendum on because in a lot of membership the whole thing yes of course of course unless you want to have a multiple choice right now no i mean i'm a nice thing if we had a second referendum on e.u. membership we could offer a generation the percentage that would vote to leave next i would be very much bigger than it was last i'm right i i may just finish the whole thing off i'm black
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and disappear off to a total obscurity well it's not just one of raj a close ally of his is the millionaire who bankrolled the leave dot edu campaign you see it aaron bain she said if we do not act radically now we will sleep walk into a photo in name only true park city years have been backed into a corner and the only option now is to go back to the polls and let the people shout from the rooftops their support of a true bricks that leave would win by a landslide. well now the last thing the british government under theresa may want to see is another referendum and there was a terse response from her press spokesman in downing street we will not be having. a second referendum what we are doing is working for the best deal for the british people for bracks it i think you would have seen from the fact that we achieved
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that sufficient progress decision in december you know that by working cooperatively by sitting down and negotiating and being clear about what we want to achieve we can achieve arrangements and agreements with the european union and i'm confident that we will be able to achieve a good deal but with very clear that that's what we're a that's what we're working full to resume a there will in times like these it's best to consult the best and that is he was with me at the big table right now david charter he is the go team and on all things breaks and he is the author of at least what is it three books now on bikes it's he's the times germany correspondent it's good to have you back on the show happy new year thank you meant thank you i do they have i didn't think we would see each other this year this early in the year but before we dive into this two thousand and eighteen breaks at bonanza let's take a moment to remember how we arrived at this point will the bricks it
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talks be finished in two years as they're supposed to be yes i think they will be i think but since leaving the e.u. on the first of april twenty ninth saying alright we'll brics it really ever take place i don't think it's happening but we're going to have this discussion i guess held for a feeble there's a lot of yeah in this one. yeah and we're driving down the road again any resolutions for this year at the top i think i've got to get you to tell you. what do you think i mean we're going down that no brakes a path aren't we or are we. the thing is nigel farage as colorful accounts or is he is. as good as he is a grabbing headlines and he has been accused by many on this side as ukip side of just how playing a big stunt just as they stay in the headlines stay in the public debate it doesn't carry that much weight really in the in the british debates it has allowed
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a whole can of worms to open and maybe he has kick started a debate for once but really his his voice alone doesn't carry that much weight and the whole of the ukip movement apart from ara banks who you identified has really accused him of selling out. by what he said this morning but you may be aware that what he's trying to do now is to finesse his words and say what he was actually trying to do was to warn the brick city is that a second referendum is coming and they should be preparing for it is don't like the british version of steve bannon a little bit if you will i mean just trying to twist his words around but forget about him for a second. what are the chances for a circuit reverend and the numbers tell us that the british would say stay in the
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well there has been one poll in december where there was a very decisive lead now for remaining in the e.u. but i have to say the folks to leave the european union was in june twenty sixth run for nearly eighteen months there hasn't been a great shift in british opinion now the big question everyone in britain is asking actually is this this poll in december which showed for the first time an absolute majority fifty one percent of british people want to revenge is a rogue poll or a real shift and this kind of debates about what not. just saying may bring you no further discussion and polls to clarify the answer as to whether it will lead to another referendum i still don't think so you don't because the labor party the one in opposition is still very much against having a second referendum they don't smell a political opportunity because i think because the polls haven't changed much
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their position could shift if we see a series of polls and i believe there would have to be half a dozen that show the tide is really turning in britain and there is a there is a clear absolute majority of british people now want to remain on the chance to say that you know i have to let our viewers know and you know i've read your two of your books on breaks it and you would be able to draw up a blueprint for the british government if you had to and it seems that there is no leader in the u.k. who has done that or is capable of doing that and that's part of the problem how is that possible well there's a fantastic debate still going on inside the ruling conservative party about exactly how to handle the brics it negotiations and how to draw up a plan for britain's future they have made some very big decisions they're going to leave the single market they're going to leave the customs union we want to make our own trade deals around the world but there are some there are still some big
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decisions that have yet to be made about exactly how close we stay to the european union whether we accept what isn't going to be inevitable demands for them to for britain to pay a lot of money and you have to stay very closely engaged in the markets for our services for our financial services which is the one of the biggest industries in britain so there's still a debate raging inside the conservative party which is only just kept itself together thus far and it's amazing though this taken this long ok and i have to ask you this which we do every time what do you think what are the chances now for briggs it not happening. i still think that is happening on march the twenty ninth twenty eighteen no ones so far to go now but the chances of it not happening lightly increasing guys leaving so will it slightly towards your view that perhaps this won't happen all right however i think it will ok you still think it will ok david schardt of the man with the orange tie and all the knowledge about brakes
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that we appreciate you being on the show thank you david thank you. but we may know by friday morning whether or not the iran nuclear deal will survive u.s. president donald trump is expected to decide yes or no to reimpose saying sions on tehran of sanctions would violate the nuclear agreement and that is not what the european union wants that was made crystal clear today when iran's foreign minister mohammad javad zarif visited brussels. for the iranian delegation brussels was of reassurance couldn't come at a better time the foreign ministers of britain germany and france as well as the e.u.'s foreign policy chief reaffirmed their support for the iran nuclear deal which u.s. presidents donald trump has threatened to lead to the deal is working it is they're leaving on its main goal which remains the thing the iranian nuclear program in check and. the surveillance mogilny played an important role in crafting the
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landmark nuclear accord in the summer of two thousand and fifteen she has lobbied hard to convince washington to keep the nuclear issue separate from other contentious issues with tehran such as its ballistic missile program what the nuclear deal could however facilitate is talking about these issues something all ministers emphasized in brussels and a tradition of order or from opinion on of course we must also address the situation in iran we are all very concerned regarding the rights of those demonstrating in the streets we are convinced that people have a fundamental right to demonstrate on top of that we also need to talk about iran's actions in the wider regional individual of a. deal announced that iran had committed to a dialogue over its role in war torn yemen and syria but whether the nuclear deal and the diplomatic channels that come with it remain intact now depends on the u.s.
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. all right what's going to happen to talk about that i'm joined right here at the big table by my colleague it's a recent roper she has reported extensively and you've seen her from iran to have you here at the big table so it it's fifty fifty is what we're hearing from washington right now trump is going to do what happens if he terminates this deal while the europeans said they would stick with the agreement no matter what and the same a stool also probably true for two other countries that signed the deal china. but it's not true for iran at all to iran has long ruled out a renegotiation of the deal and its repeatedly said that any violation by the us would cause the deal to collapse and then subsequently the restart of the nuclear program because for them it's simple logic they are meeting their commitments the international atomic energy agency has certify that on nine different occasions since the deal was signed so. if the us now while it's that good for them the
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party's over surges but the europeans don't don't want that to be true i mean that's what we heard today in brussels do the europeans if they could they exert enough pressure on tehran. to keep the deal together to say those and everyone is standing behind this except the u.s. can be can they find a way for that to be enough for tehran no probably not because the deal is really like dependent on the u.s. because. many things are not not possible without the u.s. help because. for example european and german companies are really shying away from doing business with iran even now because they could be punished by the u.s. if they do so if the u.s. is out of the deal to iran has said ok we're out to no no deal with the u.s. and there's also these protests that are taking place inside iran that plays
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a factor plays a role too doesn't yes sure i mean these protests started because people were complaining about the economic conditions in iran like the high unemployment high prices inflation and that's also kind of been blamed on the nuclear deal too because people had hoped that the nuclear deal would improve the economic situation which it didn't so in hardline us blame that on rouhani no yes you know it's the writing is on the wall and i guess it depends. tonight the songs. it's good to have you back on the show thank you for your insights the day is nearly done here but as always the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either of you or you can write directly to me. for you to use that hash tag and the day every member no matter what happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see this .
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coming. from.
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this is g.w. news longer from berlin deadline for a deal here in germany we are expecting word tonight on new government negotiations political leaders have been just a few more hours left to reach a deal on starting talks to form a new government will they meet the deadline in what happens if they don't also coming up thousands rally in pakistan to protest against the rape and murder of an eight year old girl they want to know why the police were so slow to react to the child's abduction. and to scaling.


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